Our Sydney


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Our Sydney is a virtual map of the University of Sydney campus and surrounding areas of Sydney, including select sites such as Sydney Conservatorium of Music. We designed this object specifically for FASS1000 because we wanted to provide you with a sense not only of the space of the campus – its size, its enormous scale, its geographic points of interest – but with the place of the university in its long, rich and complex history.

The Camperdown campus of the University of Sydney sits on the land of the Gadigal People of the Eora nation, which comprises thousands of years of habitation, use, and cultural practice. We begin this virtual tour by acknowledging this heritage and tracing the contours of the multiple and conjoined histories of the land.

In Our Sydney, you will find a wealth of materials to explore. Whether you’re located here on the campus or tuning in from some distant point in the world, we want you to ‘wander’ the virtual campus, sightseeing in a sense, but, at moments, pausing to reflect on the images and stories that comprise this long and rich temporality. Take your time in this exploration, let it stretch across the entirety of your semester and enrich your experience of FASS1000.